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Lemon Cake
Frisk brød


I love all kinds of good food, the sweet, the crisp, the spicy, the vegan, the easy, the advanced, and the sinful. 


THE QUICK FIX KITCHEN is all about good, tasty food and baking. Soon you can watch my "how to's" on Youtube, and follow my daily life on Instagram, you can buy my books and e-books, or just enjoy the free and easy recipes here on the blog.

I love high-quality ingredients, and I use organic products as often as possible, but I'm no preacher - everybody uses the products they like and can afford - I think the most important, is to cook with love and 

I hope you will join me on the journey and let me inspire you, to treat yourself or those you love, with kitchen joy.

A warm welcome to my blog! 


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