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Opdateret: 22. mar. 2021

The perfect macaron, has in my opinion, a crispy shell, a chewy texture on the inside, and they are very sweet. A macaron needs to have feet, along the bottom of the cookie.

As you probably know already, I'm not vegan myself, so I prefer that my vegan recipes taste as good as the non-vegan ones. It's important to me, that I can make delicious vegan treats for my vegan friends, and everybody wants to eat them, so I don't have to make "special" treats. I guess that's what a quickfixmamma does. Find easy options for everybody to eat.

One of the basic ingredients in a traditional macaron is eggwhites, so to figure out how to leave them out, must have been a big headache for somebody. This recipe stands on the shoulder of a lot of brilliant recipes, that just needed the extra touch of perfection. So thank you to all the vegan recipe developers before me, who have figured out the solution to the main obstacles, in the macaron-making process.

First thing first

Vegan macarons, is in my opinion, a bit more tricky to make, than the non-vegan option - but as soon as you get the feeling of the aquafaba mix, it gets a lot easier. Like so many other things, anything actually, practice makes perfect.

I normally prefer making macarons with french marengs, because it's easier. But the aquafaba gets more stable with Italian marengs, so that's what I went for in this recipe.

Tips and tricks

There are a few tips and tricks, it's important to remember when you are making macarons with aquafaba instead of egg whites.

1) Make sure your mixing bowl is really clean. I always clean my mixing bowl and whisk in hot water, and dry it with a clean handtowel, before use.

2) Whip bowl and whisk with a bit of vinegar.

3) It's important to weigh your ingredients, it's just more precise, and in this recipe, precision is the key.

4) If or when your macarons don't behave as you want, and you see them unfit for presentation, save them in an airtight container, and use them as filling in e.g. layer cakes. The taste is, usually, really good, despite the bad appearance, so don't throw them out.


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