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Vegan raspberry tart

Opdateret: 22. mar. 2021

This crispy, crumbly tart crust goes well with any kind of filling. These I've made with frangipane and raspberries from my garden.

Making homemade tart crust may seem scary to many people, and whenever I try to explain to someone how it’s done, I usually lose them at the ‘blind baking’ or ‘pie weights’ part. But as with anything, the process becomes simpler and quicker after a few tries, and the results are well worth the preparation and practice. This recipe is great for any tart you’re making. It’s crumbly and sweet with a firm cookie-like texture.

This recipe is once again a quick fix, so I use vegan storebought marzipan, for the frangipane, but you can, of course, make your own marzipan, if you feel for it.

Ingredients for the tart crust:

150 g all-purpose flour

75 g cold vegan butter

40 ml cold water

1 tbs salt

1 tbs sugar

Fragipane ingredients:

100 g plant-based butter

100 g marzipan

3 tablespoons of sugar

1 tablespoon cold water


To make the tart crust, start by process flour, sugar, and salt in a food processor for a few seconds until combined. If you don’t have a food processor, you can do this by using a pastry cutter. Add butter and pulse until mixture becomes crumbly

Turn dough to a lightly floured surface and form into a ball. Refrigerate for at least 30 min.

Turn on your oven to 180 degrees

Roll the could dough, to 0,5 millimeters thick, and gently move to a tart pan, with a removable bottom. Take your time, to make sure to use your fingers to push in the dough and gently shape the tart, use a fork to make small holes in the dough, where the steam can come out.

Blind bake for 12 minutes, while preparing the frangipane filling.

Use a fork to combine the ingredients for the frangipane. Make sure the ingredients a mixed well together, and all the big lumps are gone.

Fill your blind-baked tart with the frangipane, and spread it into an even layer with a spatula and bake for 20 minutes, if you make small tarts, and 40 minutes for a big tart.

When the tarts are cooled down, decorate with fresh raspberries and serve

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