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Waffles with broccoli

Opdateret: 26. mar. 2021

I have a weakness for waffles, so I love to try new ways to incorporate everything in the crisp, buttery, and delicious waffle dough.

These broccoli waffles are one of my favorites right now. I eat them for lunch with avocado, shrimps, or salmon, and my son eats them as an afternoon snack in daycare.

It feels like a good way to eat more vegetables.

They are also perfect as an easy breakfast for the kids. Make them the day before, and just heat it a little.

Next time I make them, I think it's time to experiment a bit, and my first idea is to add some cheddar cheese to the batter.


½ broccoli (both head and stick) blended into very small pieces

2 eggs

50 g melted butter

3 ½ dl milk

70 g all-purpose flour

1 teaspoon baking powder


Preheat your waffle iron and mix all the ingredients together.

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